SHEEN Levantine Cuisine

About this project

SHEEN is a restaurant franchise that offers a unique dining experience from the blessings of the Levant, blending heritage and the present with culinary secrets and a youthful spirit in today's kitchen.

The SHEEN visuals are uniquely designed to reflect the spirit of the area and the exceptional dishes it serves along with an exclusive experience. They are hand-drawn, to show some authenticity.

The symbols represent abstract interpretations of Aramic lettering, that were then combined to create a unique pattern that was used in brand applications and the interior of the restaurant.

The brand mixes contemporary and ancient abstract art to help the chain stand out from its competitors. The SHEEN restaurant opened in Amman in 2022.

My role in this project:

Brand Development | Logo Design | Asset Creation 

Logo Design Branding Digital Illustration
SHEEN Levantine Cuisine