Khan Khediwe Hotel

About this project

Khan Khediwe Hotel is the first-of-its-kind Four-Star hotel in Downtown Amman, Jordan. Its significant location inspired a classic oriental arabesque brand to imply rootage and authenticity to the visitors of this area.

The aim was to produce a brand that related to these keywords: Luxurious / Timeless / Authentic / Attractive / Maximalist

We have created a single logotype. We picked a fancy and old-style calligraphy font in Arabic for the vintage feel. The English name is in a minimal san serif font underneath.

Considering the geographical location, and the client’s main inspiration (the TV series Grand Hotel - set in vintage Egypt) we have selected the gold and royal maroon colors. Then we created a complimentary, soft color palette. At the same time, we created a pattern inspired by Egyptian event curtains for sophisticated patterns.

For the other patterns, we used vintage tile patterns to be used in multiple applications. The hotel opened in Downtown Amman in 2022.

My role in this project:

Brand Development | Logo Design | Asset Creation

Logo Design Branding
Khan Khediwe Hotel