Junkfood Inc.

About this project

JUNKFOOD INC. is a restaurant in Amman offering international street food dishes. The name JUNKFOOD INC. was provided by the client.

The brand personality demanded the visuals to recreate an era-accurate nostalgic look from The 80s, and for further personalization and to derive a truly unique modern-day “80’s diner” branding from the provided brief we interviewed the owners to learn further about where their interests intersect.

The English wordmark of the logo was created first then the Arabic wordmark was derived to match the English font. The brand colors reflect the desired brand visual direction of instant nostalgia from the 80s.

The brand characters were made with fun personalities to match personality of the brand, and then turned into stickers. 

JUNKFOOD INC. opened in Amman in 2021.

My role in this project:

Brand Development | Logo Design | Asset Creation | Social Media Design


Logo Design Branding Social Media Design Photography
Junkfood Inc.